Instant Poem

by | Jun 8, 2018

Maybe it’s the sunshine, or the caffeine,

leftover high from this morning’s run,

a sugar rush from those two cookies I ate before lunch,

but I’m feeling pretty good.

Here’s why:

For all my worrying and striving, all my fretting and crying,

the right work always shows up at just the right time.

A signed contract lands on a Friday afternoon,

a new referral unexpectedly pops up in my email.

There’s always enough at just the right time, but not until.

I wish I could tell my future self, “Relax. Believe. It will all come.”

I wish the clarity of this moment would carry me through that next tough spot.

I ought to have learned by now,

or maybe it’s the sunshine that’s bringing everything into the light.

Note: I recently passed the milestone of six years in business. It’s never easy, but I always feel blessed and grateful for the opportunity to do great work with wonderful people, both clients and my team. 


  1. Jane Anderson

    I love the cadence of your happy self talk and your transparent candor. I believe we have to make our own sunshine. Caffeine, cookies, running, friends – they are in your recipe. Keep up the amazing work you do that includes inspiring individuals to keep going.

    • WI Admin

      Thank you, Jane! <3 Resilience is something I am trying to cultivate.


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