The Hidden Benefit of Putting Your Dream on Ice

by | Mar 10, 2016

My team and I recently revived an idea/dream we put on ice three years ago, an initiative called Hometown Reads.

I’d ignited the idea for Hometown Reads back in 2013 around the one-year mark of my company. I bought two domains and began outlining my plans for this new venture. Right away, my team, which consisted of about five subcontractors, expressed significant concerns.

Our core business needed attention. We didn’t have many processes in place yet. We didn’t have enough people to start something new. At that time, we all agreed to simplify our offerings. I had peace about a decision to put Hometown Reads on ice. I didn’t kill the idea — I just put it on hold.

I put it on hold so decidedly that when the domains came up for renewal, I let them go.

I can’t remember exactly when I decided to let my dream thaw, but last summer I began talking about the idea again. I re-purchased one of the two domains I’d previously bought. (The other? Unavailable.)

As I talked about my idea again, I found myself full of more creative possibilities and energy than I’d had before. My dream, on hold and then thawed, burst back to life. And my growth in the intervening years, both personal and professional, actually prepared me to pursue the dream with more possibility of success than if I’d started earlier. Another difference? My team had much more space to consider starting something new.

Sometimes…it’s better to wait. Here’s why:

With additional time comes additional resources. My company is equipped with far more resources now than in 2013 when I first introduced the idea of Hometown Reads. We have more money, more talent, more technology, more expertise, more connections, and more resources. We’re relying on Infusionsoft to help us organize our contacts and communicate with our connections (we hadn’t yet invested in Infusionsoft in 2013.) We’re using Cision’s media database to research media contacts in each location for our work (we didn’t have access to the database in 2013.) We’ve greatly expanded our credibility in the market and our knowledge of book marketing in the past three years. We are more widely known and trusted by our connections now. In every way, we are more adequately equipped now than we were in 2013.

With additional time comes additional confidence and strength. More time to think about an idea often results in a vision that is much more clear and more easily articulated. Could I speak coherently about my reasons for starting Hometown Reads in 2013? Sure. Could I speak with the confidence and assurance with which I speak today? Not a chance.

With additional time comes additional determination and energy. By putting my dream on ice, and then by reviving it later, I am more committed and determined than ever before. The new determination is fueled by the waiting, almost as if the energy for the idea grows over time, like money accumulating in a savings account or power stored in a solar panel after a string of sunny days.

That dream you put on ice? Don’t be afraid to let it chill. Consider what growth and learning you can invest in when you’re waiting. Be patient. Though you may not see it, time is on your side if you continue to work hard while waiting.

When the time is right, your idea will be fueled by new resources, confidence, determination, energy and strength.


  1. Elizabeth Johnson

    I can definitely relate! Our dream of heading West has been delayed for ten long years… but God has used that time to better prepare us and confirm, over and over again, of the path He wants us travel. The waiting part has felt long, but I definitely think we’re more ready now then we would have been even a few years ago. Like you said, with time comes additional confidence and strength and, I would add, additional understanding. I’m excited to see Hometown Reads taking off, and can’t wait to see how our dream ends up too. 🙂

    • Becky Robinson

      Thanks, Elizabeth! I’m excited for you and James as you head out west to pursue your dreams!

  2. Susan Mazza

    Great metaphor and insight Becky. That building of energy you are distinguishing is so valuable. You have me thinking about how to discern the “right” time. One thing you point to is the importance of not proceeding until you find a way to be responsible for keeping the commitments you already have. Is there anything else you see about what might determine the “right” time?

    • Becky Robinson

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, Susan! That’s a thought-provoking question! I’ll think about it. 🙂 Hugs! Becky

  3. Sunny Frazier

    We’re all glad you thawed out the idea!
    Around the same time frame I thought of giving my character, Christy Bristol, her own FB page. It lingered as I didn’t know what I wanted to do with it. Recently I started having Christy post planetary interactions (she’s an astrologer), post pictures of different planets and just finished offering to give people their individual natal moon descriptions. My numbers are solid and it’s a good tie in to my mystery novels.

    I also pulled together a promotion group called “The Posse.” It went from being a private group to a FB group. That’s where I learned about Hometown Reads and now I have posted information about Fresno becoming part of it. I’m also going to post this blog as well as posting it on my publisher’s FB site.


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