Letting Go and Showing Up

by | Jun 10, 2015

This is day one/two of the Weaving Influence Summer Tour, and my girls and I have arrived in Beckley, WV.

Driving comprised most of our first day, which began with my girls finishing their school year and a mad rush to leave early enough to make it to Beckley in time for a late dinner.

I’m away from the office/home for ten days, which involves a certain amount of letting go.

While away, I’m letting go of day to day operations of my company.

Last week I made a huge decision to move the company out of my home. For the first few years of the business, nearly everyone worked from home. Weaving Influence existed as completely virtual, with a few local team members who met intermittently. Over time, this shifted slightly. At the beginning of the year, I hired my first employee, who manages our office, and she worked from my home with me. In February, I hired another in-person employee. When we hired a third employee in late April, work in the home office became a bit chaotic. We had between 4 and 8 of us working in the house every day. I felt a lack of privacy, like my entire life, not just my work life, was entirely on display.

With a move to a local, physical office, we are continuing a transformation from completely dispersed/virtual to a company that operates in a place of both/and. We are a virtual, dispersed team served by a consistent, local, in-person team.

During the ten days I’m out of the physical office, construction and painting will happen in our new leased space. The team will move supplies and furniture from my home office to our new location. Work will continue without me. I had no illusion before that all that happens depends upon me, but I am even more aware now— and deeply grateful — that work can, will, and does continue whether I am present or not. Our team is amazing.

When I let go, I am free to show up in the ways that matter most.

This trip is about relationships, with my children, my team, and my clients. Because I am letting go of details related to operating the company, I am free to bring my best attention and energy to building relationships with important people. My intention is to encourage people, to equip people, to bring people together, to move ideas forward together, and then to get out of the way so people can do more great work.


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