I’m Still Standing

by | May 21, 2015

Since moving to my new office space, I spend nearly all of my working hours standing.

My family and I have a running joke about how the extra weight is just sliding off of me from the calories I burn from standing all day. Unfortunately, I have been standing for nearly a month while working and I haven’t noticed any difference yet.

I have noticed some difference in a few areas, though, and I like standing up. My new office space has a nice view to my front yard and I see the coming and going in my neighborhood more than I did before, including my oldest daughter arriving home from school each day. I look forward to watching the younger kids play this summer when school’s out.

Benefits I’ve Received From Standing

I Have More Energy Throguht The Day – I am typically a pretty energetic person, so this might not be an entirely good thing. I sometimes talk too fast on calls anyway, and standing during calls gives the effect of me being on speed (I’m not.). My coach, who was participating on a team call, gently advised that I be mindful of the energy I project while running a meeting standing up.

I am More Focused – While I do have multiple distractions due to more people in and out of my work space, and more interruptions than ever before, I am still getting more done than ever before — by my own assessment, not any measurable data.

I Feel Physically Better – I don’t have any random pains that I used to get from sitting too long; I don’t have any afternoon slumps. My posture is improved and now that my feet have adjusted to the change in demand, they don’t really hurt (much).

While my general intention is to spend most of my time standing, my office-mates and I invested in a lovely chaise. Sitting on the chaise is a wonderful break from standing. We also just added a traditional desk to our space but I haven’t even used it once. I even stand while working at 5 am, while enjoying my first cup of coffee.

I can’t imagine going back to my old desk for a day of sitting. For now, I’m still standing, and loving it.


  1. Marty Labrado

    I have lower back issues (an 8 millimeter herniated disk) and I always feel better when standing. I don’t mean to say I don’t enjoy sitting. It’s just that I can’t sit for an extended period of time.

    Keep doing what you’re doing and will start notice some slight changes.

    I love your new blog by the way.


    • Becky Robinson

      Thanks, Marty. I appreciate the encouragement.

      Question: do you have a dedicated standing station? I wonder if you would enjoy standing more if you did…

      • Marty Labrado

        I don’t have a standing station at the moment. I’ll write for 45 minutes while sitting down and then go for a short 20 minute walk afterwards. It helps me from going stir crazy and it makes me feel good and productive.

        I’ve got a pretty heavy laptop (a 20 pounder) as well a microphone and books and notes. I’ve been looking on Amazon for a sturdy standing desk and they seem kind of difficult to come by.


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