Finding Everyday Ways To Make A Difference

by | Feb 14, 2015

Welcome to my new home online. A few people who know me well, including my husband and my long-term team members, have asked me why I wanted to own this site and what I might blog about here that is different from my work at

I started the blog at Weaving Influence prior to starting my business, and initially that site had the tagline Finding Everyday Ways To Make A Difference. In early 2013, when I had been working in the business more than a year, we finally launched a grown up business website.

Along the way, I’ve continued to blog about my journey as a business owner and I’ve blogged about our client books as well as social media marketing and book marketing.

At times, my more personal posts seem out of place. Weaving Influence is not just me. We are more than 30 professionals, collaborating to serve a growing roster of clients. Weaving Influence is all of those people: our clients and our team members.

This space is a place for me to explore my journey as a business owner, mom, wife, and woman. I hope to be able to inspire others as they seek to bring the best of who they are to the world.

I’m also hoping this site will establish grow my personal brand and create opportunities for me to speak.

Though it seems like eons ago, it was only about 5 years ago that I looked at my husband incredulously when he asked me what I might do for work after our kids were all in school.

In less than 5 years’ time, I’ve gone from having no vision of a career for myself to starting and running a growing company. I once had no vision of how I could create an opportunity for myself, and now I work hard every day, motivated by a desire to create opportunities for others.

Though I am not sure where I will be 5 years from now, my intent is to continue to build my company toward greater success. As I do, I will cherish this space as a home for more personal reflections.

I look forward to meeting you here and invite your comments along the way.


  1. Paul McConaughy

    Couldn’t Resist! I love everything you do Becky. It is so great to know you! Paul

    • Becky Robinson

      Thank you, Paul! See you soon!


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